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Matthias Jabs About His Signature Cort Guitars

Date: 2012-10-10


Legendary Scorpions' guitarist Matthias Jabs talks about why he teamed up with Cort Guitars for his signature line and how the Garage and Arena models differ from each other:
I am glad that I got the chance to design the "garage guitar" for Cort. The idea was to have a cool looking guitar that is as simple as possible but still gives you different sound options. I play it on stage, and it feels very good. The name was inspired by garage band, a band that starts out. The next project is called "Arena" and the guitar is more versatile. It has many more sound options and it comes with a Floyd Rose system. The Arena also has 24 frets, and you can do everything with it. It has single coil pickups as well as humbucking pickups. The garage band is successful now, and that's why they are playing in the Arena.